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Because [Norton and I] stayed, we get a lot of negativity heading our way.

It was our way of saying things were going well for us.…

But Cumia's history of racism appears to be just as long and shocking as the stunts he participates in on his radio show. From the show, as lovingly Charlie: I tell you what. One, from 1994 and during the OJ Simpson trial, is a "parody" music video of Otis Redding's "Sitting on the Dock of the Bay" made by Cumia's band Rotgut.

After each direction from the host, the station broadcast the sound of the telephone rubbing across the girl's pubic area.

“Since he got fired nine months ago, he’s been passive-aggressively taking shots at me on podcasts, allowing people on his show to trash me,” Opie said on his show this week.

The disagreements, which have been raised on social media and on air, include everything from how Opie treated Anthony's girlfriend in the late '90s to Anthony not visiting Opie's home.

Anthony: I just imagine the horror in Condoleezza Rice's face Opie: (Laughing) As she realizes what's going on. Anthony: That's exactly what I meant.(Laughter)The show hosts asked a seventeen-year-old girl to remove her panties and rub the telephone on her pubic hair.

So to go out and say management likes what we are doing here, you aren’t only insulting your own show but you’re also taking a jab at me...

Opie and Anthony weren’t strangers to being fired: They were let go from WAAF in 1998 for airing an April Fools’ joke in which they claimed the mayor of Boston had died, and again in the early 2000s after O&A fans attempted to have sex in St. But for the first time in their careers, they hadn’t been fired together.

Sirius XM repackaged their show as For months after Anthony was fired, the relationship between the longtime co-hosts was amicable.

radio show, known for its provocative stunts, support of rising comedians and cast of outlandish characters.

This week, the shock-jock duo explosively cut ties in a series of tweets and on-air monologues that suggested a bitter end to their long relationship.

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