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Date stamps Dates on which documents have been made can be problematic, for example consider a cheque which has been date stamped and the stamp is not decipherable.

In one such instance the use of a purple filter on a reddish coloured cheque filtered out the purple making the date stamp clear.

viewing under long and shortwave ultraviolet light to determine any fluorescence under differing wavelengths.

This leads to the position that the longer the ink has been deposited the more difficult it is to extract colourants.

However, this tool is useful only for between eight months and two years.

For example if an ink is known to become completely dry at two years after deposit and is analysed whilst it is still drying then it could be inferred that it was deposited less than two years before it was examined.

If the same ink is analysed and is found to be completely dry then it must have been deposited more than two years before it was analysed.

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