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Women have served on submarines since 2011, but none have done so in Norfolk.The Navy says that will change next summer when the USS John Warner welcomes its first female crew members: a slate of three officers.Female prisoners were detained in the basement until 1990 when they were moved into one wing of St Patrick's Institution.The wing was used for female prisoners until 1999 when women moved into the Dóchas Centre.Mountjoy Female Prison opened in 1858 and has been the largest female prison in the country ever since.In 1956 the female prison at Mountjoy was given over to young male offenders and became St. The small numbers of women at the time were moved to a basement of one wing of St Patrick's Institution.

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That problem isn’t unique to submarines, and sailors have been charged by the Navy with similar offenses aboard other types of ships, as well.All officers aboard the John Warner share the same bathroom, which includes one shower, one toilet and one sink.An easily reversible sign hangs outside the bathroom to indicate whether a woman or a man is inside.One of the features of the prison was that each prisoner had their own room.In the weeks leading up to her resignation there were cases where five inmates were sharing a room.

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