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When you are with a group of friends and it is just laughter and fun and soca and rum and party that is on repeat for the entire weekend? Organised by Bastian (this guy is so much into soca and carnival it’s unbelievable) and his colleagues in a relatively quiet little place deep in Germany. I almost bit my tongue off in my first attempt to say the name of this place. At a really good soca fete (named Caribbean Wine) yet to be widely discovered in Europe. I loved the vibe and it was a great soca weekend break.Reggae/bashment and afrobeats played in one room and the larger room was dedicated to soca. No drama, no stooshiness, just pure niceness and great vibes! For me that was a great revision from last year’s fete. Personally, it is always exciting to go to new places and see how different cultures respond to and translate soca and carnival into their lives.

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The Atlanta Carnival Bandleaders Council, only in their 2nd year, pulled off a spectacle of events on Memorial Day weekend in Atlanta, GA.They kept their DJ line up to high standard by having Dj Back to Basics (Da Party Rocker), Shane Talon, One Drop Sounds, Dj Touches, Optomistic and a host of others to the delight of the 2500 patrons! Back in the ATL on Friday May 22nd for the 11th Annual Atlanta Jouvert hosted by Krushmore Entertainment, I was ready to handle the challenge.This event is typically a tough one to cover but a good one!And though all the masqueraders were anxious to hit the road, they didn’t mind posing for a few pics by the Team TJJ before their journey began. DJ Touches, One Drop and a few other DJs made their way to the stage and kept the crowd vibing until the live performances. Along the way there were both new and familiar faces that did not hesitate to smile for us! This year Jillian had both 5 Star Akil and Sherwin Winchester performing. We must say that it was a great job by both artists.

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