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Transformation is Real Daniel Maurer told me his site was originally designed to support his book, (Hazelden Publishing, 2014), but it has grown into a great deal more than that.

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"Also, I've grown to understand that my transformation from a person living actively in addiction isn't particularly unique. The blog has shaped me to understand that recovery from addiction is only one aspect of transformation."Dan remarked that the only negative feedback he has received is from other people in recovery."I had been writing for years before I launched my website. I can't always make that meeting, or even find time to call my sponsor. Her blog is unique in that she shares her journey in recovery since age 32 from multiple addictions to a place of greater health, both physical and mental.Olivia describes her site as a key component in her recovery process: "In sharing my journey, it not only kept me accountable, but helped me to process my experience.Some blog posts read like journal entries—a diary on the web, in a sense. I am often very moved by the genuineness and honesty that, perhaps, the faceless Internet allows.These writers are sharing some of their deepest secrets and most shamed-filled experiences with, well, everyone.

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