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I will assign Homework 2 - Rational Functions for homework.The assignment helps students to continue to build their skills in solving rational equations and has students review past concepts of compositions, identify zeros of a polynomial, and finding the inverse of a function.This is a good activity for students to practice something without you having to grade a bunch of papers.Each student gets a card and they have to complete whatever task/problem you give them.

I passed out the test review which I had prepared in advance. As we began the review, I told the partners to work #21-24 and gave them 5 minutes.

Them, students have 10 minutes to solve their problem and become an expert on how to explain the solution process to someone else. After ten minutes they will need to be the expert on the problem.

The answers are copied on the back of the card so that students can check their work.

Once they have it complete, they raise their hand to have it checked by the teacher. Once they are finished, they ask their partner if their answer is correct since they already have the correct answer. If not, their partner is responsible for helping them arrive at the correct answer.

Once everyone has it right, they are the master of their card. I set my desks up so students are facing each other. Once all partners are correct, you then choose which partner will rotate.

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