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Against the commands of the Future Foundation, Makoto Naegi planned to try and use the Neo World Program to help rehabilitate the Remnants of Despair, the 15 survivors of The Tragedy from Hope's Peak Academy's Class 77-B.

However, because the Neo World Program was still in its experimental stage, it was left vulnerable to exploitation.

Usami was created by the Ultimate Programmer Chihiro Fujisaki, a specialist in A. programming, to take the role as the Observer in the Neo World Program, a psychotherapeutic virtual reality rehabilitation program able to help treat individuals who have experienced trauma.

The program would remove harmful memories, then create a peaceful and safe simulation in which to help the individual create new, less harmful memories.

Because they both had spares, they both respawned, so repeated this self-destruction sequence several times.

Monokuma stopped her by revealing that he had 10Monokuma decided that he would execute Monomi alongside Chiaki, since because Monomi is not a student he wasn't bound by the rules of the killing game.

Monomi tried to interfere with the Class Trial to protect Chiaki, even lying that she had no relation to Chiaki whatsoever, but the diary which had been stolen from Monomi's House proved that she was lying.Despite being executed, after the surviving students later initiated the shutdown sequence for the Neo World Program, Usami was able to reappear in her original form and destroy the gigantic avatar of Junko Enoshima which represented the virus infecting the simulation.This allowed the students to escape the simulation they were trapped in.As the Observer, Monomi would be able to advise and influence individuals who entered the program.Based on the individual's experiences, she would take on a role which would feel familiar to them, alongside a second Observer who would resemble someone they knew in the outside world.

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    The evaluation is a clustered randomized control trial (RCT) design to assess intervention outcomes such as student knowledge and attitudes toward TDV, and behavioral measures (victimization and perpetration).

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