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I had also cut my teeth on VHS repair during those years when the machine had eaten the movie and my daughter would break out into tears. My heart breaks when I think about what everyone has gone through in this difficult situation: The family and friends of Steven Myers, The Sheriffs Department and all of the deputies, the EMS crews and the people of Sun City and Barber County - all wanting answers.Well, I didnt sleep because I knew the words to every song, "Be our guest! I wear so many hats at times: newspaper, bondsman, lawn mower, janitor.... It was just the flu, but it felt like much worse than H1NDeath-whatever-it-was.... I thought maybe Ronda was going to put a pillow over my head, but she didnt want to be anywhere near me. Thats how I felt while suffering through the latest plague to strike our area.

I swept the floors there and eventually ran a press there.Seriously though, some of these columns were very well done and made me smile to think how far back my heritage in the newspaper business goes. KWIBS, of some form, has been a part of Kansas newspaper history for close to 75 years now, with a few years of gaps in between.It dawned on me last week that my grandpa wrote KWICK KWIBS for 24 years. for 12 years and I have written KWIBS for over 27 years now. Possibly, there are over 3,000 columns with the name "KWIBS" on them.My hope is that we soon heal as a county and community; that we are safe and that there is justice - in what form, I do not know.Shes been one of my kids over the past year and it is sad to see her go, but Im happy for her.

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