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"I just finished these gloves for the president-elect to wear for his inauguration," she wrote before sneaking in one last savage burn: "Do they make a Priority Mail container in Size Tiny?

" The retired schoolteacher and grandmother of four told Buzz Feed she only posted the photo after she received backlash on a Facebook group for uploading pictures of the Pussyhat Project hats she knitted for women who will be attending the Women's March on Washington on Saturday, Jan. "I never dreamed I would have caused all this stink," Elsie told Buzz Feed after her photo went viral.

Elise Mc Donald's parents had flown from Asia for the ceremony, while other siblings had made the long journey from the United Arab Emirates."We were always going to have a ceremony but to have it legalised is very special," she told the Herald Sun.

Another Melbourne couple, Cas Willow, 53, and Heather Richards, 56, will also be among the first to wed with their wedding slated to take place on Monday.

Two same-sex couples have made history by becoming the first to wed under Australian law.

Lauren Price, 31, and Amy Laker, 29, exchanged vows in Sydney on Saturday, one week after the new laws came into effect.

That turning point was captured, with heart and honesty, by one of Australia's most beloved cultural touchstones: the ABC's Kath and Kim.

One of the show's first episodes, in which Kath Day-Knight has conniptions that her daughter Kim may be gay, is an authentic and surprisingly heartfelt look at middle Australia's journey from disapproval to "cautious acceptance" of homosexuality. Middle-aged, middle class, suburban and conservative, though not dogmatically so, Kath is the mystical "average" Australian voter political parties desperately hunt for in focus groups.

The postal survey on same-sex marriage is finally underway, and while it's no sure thing, the Yes campaign has a very good chance of winning.

They know that if you win Kath, you win the debate. Kath and Kim first went to air in 2002, at the crossroads Altman identifies — a 2003 study found that more than a quarter of adults disapproved of sex between two adults of the same gender.

So in episode two of the show's first season, Kath's initial bigotry towards "homosecksuals" comes as no surprise.

The ceremony took place in front of 65 guests at a ceremony in Camden in Sydney's south-west.

The first same-sex weddings were expected to happen from January 9 next year but some couples have been eligible for exemptions allowing them to wed earlier.

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