Sex arbar

Everyone can clearly hear this call from his interior, provided of course, that this power has not been scarred or become ill by the effect of various factors.Because it is quite evident that if this power has been scarred or become diseased, then it cannot give a timely and proper call.When a person attains maturity and puberty (we have explained puberty) his time for marriage has arrived and delaying it would not be advisable in any way, just as its early execution is also not commendable, for it’s like being an unripe fruit.

That is to say, when puberty is reached, marriage becomes a desirable act and whenever it comes to the revolt and rebellion of emotions and the preludes of sin become obvious then marriage becomes obligatory.

According to the interpretation of the Prophet (peace be upon him) it is like a fruit whose ripening is its maturity and adult age. Islam’s divine legislation in this connection stressed the desirability of marriage (in the previous chapter we discussed some facts about the merits of marriage).

But whenever this need and urge stirs itself and desires revolt and rebel and make man probe and practice prohibited acts, then it becomes obligatory and postponing and delaying it becomes prohibited.

Do you not know what amount of misfortunes and afflictions are brought into effect by some selfish and foolish parents for their children in connection with their marriage?

And what amount of undue and illogical expectations they have from the sons and daughters?

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