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It offers greater speeds and higher port density than the current HWIC.

EHWIC slots can support modules that provide both product-based Cisco Inline Power and Po E.

The motherboard domain can contain either all PVDM2 modules or all PVDM3 modules.

A service-module domain can contain only PVDM2 modules housed by the NM-HDV2 carrier card.

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can facilitate the progress under buyer's permission and at buyer's expense.

EHWICs are available in two form factors: a singlewide form factor that takes up 1 slot and a doublewide form factor that takes up 2 slots.

Note: You can combine two EHWIC slots into one bigger slot (EHWIC-D) by removing the center rail between two individual slots.

Yes, based on my research, a Cisco 2911 has four (4) HWIC slots, but it can only support two(2) HWIC-2FE or four(4) HWIC-SFP-CU.

With HWIC-2FE, you can have a total of 7 Routed Ports, including the integrated routed ports of the Router and six (6) routed ports if you use four HWIC-SFP-CU.

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