Same sex dating laws

For example, in California, domestic violence is considered to be abuse committed against a current or former spouse, present or former cohabitant, someone with whom the accused has or had a dating relationship, or someone with whom the abuser has any children.

Actions that constitute domestic violence may include inflicting bodily injury on another (even if there is no visible injury), threatening to cause serious bodily injury or death, or stalking and harassing another.

Using the same lens to look at North Carolina’s statute, there are two provisions that are worth considering: What’s the practice?

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For example, an abusive partner may threaten to "out" the victim to work colleagues, friends, or family as an LGBT person.Expressions of sexual orientation and gender identity generally fall under First Amendment protections.If you’re an educator and want more information about how to make sure all students enjoy proms and dances, click here.But as always, I welcome comments regarding how this issue is playing out in the real world.Laws at both the state and federal level that impact lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people have been changing rapidly over the last several years.

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