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Helen Mirren usually reigns supreme at the cinema, but even the consummate actress may be upstaged by her intensely photogenic co-star this time around.The Dame, an Oscar winner revered for everything from “The Queen” to “Prime Suspect,” must share the big screen with San Jose’s most iconic tourist magnet, the Winchester Mystery House, in an upcoming supernatural thriller.“When her baby died, and remember that she had to watch her die, waste away for six weeks,” says Mirren during a recent visit to the set.

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“You can really feel it when you’re here, can’t you? It’s as if you’re falling down the rabbit hole.” “This house is like a Tetris puzzle,” agrees producer Tim Mc Gahan, snaking down a staircase of hairpin turns leading to a warren of dark corridors.

house Saturday, I was left with new respect for the people who both run it and live there.

Although perhaps “respect” is a little much for the houseguests; actually, I just now appreciate how easy it is for already insane people to go crazy in there.

She’s an enigma, but if anyone can channel the nuances of a tormented soul like Sarah Winchester, it’s Mirren.

Born in London in 1945, the actress cut her teeth at the Royal Shakespeare Company, starred in the beloved TV series “Prime Suspect” and has cut an indelible figure from the art house “The Cook, the Thief, His Wife and Her Lover” to the box office (the “Fast & Furious” franchise).

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