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Many meters only have a resolution of 1W when reading power; the Kill-a-Watts read down to 0.1W, but this is still too coarse for measuring low standby power.Modification to read standby power has been described and discussed in detail (with oscilloscope waveforms and measurements).To counter this shortcoming, a couple of openly available modifications have been published on the Web, to enable these devices send data wirelessly to a receiver. is a hacked version of the standard Kill-A-Watt Plug in Power Meter.By piggybacking on the device's on-board LM2902N op-amp chip, the creator was able to get readings for voltage and current and transmit to a computer, which then sent this to Twitter via handle @tweetawatt.Specification: Colored Touch Screen On-Line Non-Contact Ink Jet Printer Model PRODIGIT – PD18 – W (Maplejet-Canada), which is a Zero Maintenance, high resolution, EIGHT line (character height 1 to 18 mm) English / Arabic WHITE / YELLOW Ink printer. It is a High Speed printer has a large Colored WYSIWYG Touch Screen Display for setting all parameters can accept data from computer via. It is also capable of accepting variable / random data from Excel sheets or from external on-line sources like Weighing Scales, PLCs, etc.It has Stainless Steel construction can be installed on Porous Non-Porous production line to print B. It can print variable High Resolution, Scannable 1D / 2D (Datamatrix / QR) Barcodes with changing/serial numbers as required for Primary / Secondary Tertiary Packaging in the Pharmaceutical Industry.This model, based on the Prodigit 2024, is integrated into an eight-outlet power strip.Unlike the other models, it does not display frequency or apparent power.

Readings of the modified meter have to be divided by the resistance factor (e.g.

The Kill A Watt (a pun on kilowatt) is an electricity usage monitor manufactured by P3 International.

It measures the energy used by devices plugged directly into the meter, as opposed to in-home energy use displays, which display the energy used by an entire household.

The basic models support current up to 15 amperes, power up to 1,875 VA (the 230Vac equivalents also allow up to 15A, corresponding to 3,750 VA).

The power setting displays instantaneous power, and the kilowatt-hour setting displays energy consumed since last reset.

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