No money free online skype sexy video chat

It's an interesting model that I could see definitely working especialy for consultants, freelancers, etc.

The provider then receives the revenue via Pay Pal.

Calls to 900-number-type-of-services - with video - from the privacy of your PC... if this is all truly peer-to-peer, encrypted, etc., how would anyone else know?

It will curious to see if Skype is able to keep its Skype Prime Service Providers truly clean and adhering to the TOS. It will be indeed curious to see how much this takes off and whether this does enable people to earn money from the usage.

One thing that's missing, curiously, is any kind of mention of a directory. In the meantime, if you have questions about something like, oh, podcast production, for a mere /minute, I'll gladly talk to you...

If I create a Skype Prime service, how can others find that?

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