Man and woman love dating 2016

Only one thing is negative in you that is - a feeling of jealousy and competition not only in the matters of love but also in your social life.

You are attracted by a strong, independent and confident man.

He will learn to identify himself without his partner.

You will shower your love and express it with flowers and love cards that will melt down the Arian aggressive nature to fiery passion.

Passionate and possessive men will suit you the best.

Weak, sensitive and defenseless persons are not your choice. You like a strong person who could tame your arrogance or who can boss over you. This is the placement of partnership therefore you are naturally attracted towards each other. You are attracted to Aries woman by her intelligence and energy level.

So Libran men are suggested to balance the relationships by accepting the equality of genders however, your passion and protection make her realize your supremacy to her but it may take some time to admit it.

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Then John looked at his watch and said that he had to get going.An expert host and a good speaker – you feel satisfied as a career woman since you have a lot of energy and vigor and you balance both the areas efficiently.Your sense of appearance and taste are elegant and perfect.It is cardinal and airy so many times you will find yourself difficult in making up your mind and to be decisive.It will make Aries woman get sick of your wavy nature and feelings which changes every now and then.

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