Ldspals dating

How can you tell if a site is really for LDS singles only?

Even after a bloody wall handprint turned up traces of both Alexander’s and Arias’s DNA, and the murder weapon proved the same caliber as the handgun stolen weeks earlier from Arias’s grandparents in the Yreka, Calif., home she shared with them, Arias stuck to her story, saying, “If I killed Travis, I would beg for the death penalty.” When that began to look like a real possibility, Arias offered a new scenario: Two masked intruders had broken into Alexander’s home, killed him and nearly killed her.

He also said that after he began seeing other women, Arias slashed his tires, hacked into his Facebook account, stalked him on dates and sent vicious anonymous e-mails to those women.

In a lighthearted blog entry, Alexander wondered if some date might have “an axe murderer penned up inside her.” More soberly, he told LDS pals, “Don’t be surprised if you find me dead one day.” On June 9, 2008, that is precisely how police found Alexander in his Mesa, Ariz., home, his body, five days decomposed, brutalized by 27 stab wounds, an ear-to-ear slash across the throat and a bullet to the head.

It’s true that is open to singles of all religions.

However, because the site has over 30 million members (not to mention gets over 13.5 million monthly visitors), we promise you won’t have any trouble finding an LDS match.

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