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To close pop-up windows automatically after a certain period of time, select the option .If not closed by the user, alert windows are closed after the specified time period has expired.See How to Restore the Windows Registry if you need more detailed help restoring your registry backup.While most of us have long since consigned Windows XP to the Recycle Bin of history, there are still plenty of PCs out there running Microsoft's long-since-defunct operating system.If that behavior isn't what you were after, it's time to dig up that backup you made.As crazy at it sounds, you might sometimes need to delete a registry key or value, most often to fix a problem, likely caused by a program that a particular key or value that it shouldn't have.Those keys and values are already there, presumably for a good reason, so make sure whatever advice you've gotten that led you to this point is as accurate as possible.So long as you're careful, here's how to make different kinds of changes to existing keys and values in the Windows Registry: Assuming the keys and values that you made changes to were doing something prior to your change, expect some kind of change in behavior after you restart your PC.

This option is especially useful for terminal servers, provided that all system notifications are sent to the administrator.No matter what tutorial you're following to fix whatever issue, or add whatever feature, here's how to add new keys and values to the Windows Registry: Hopefully, whatever thing you were trying to accomplish with these registry additions worked out, but if not, check again that you added the key or value to the correct area of the registry and that you've named this new data properly.Like I mentioned above, adding a new key or value that doesn't have a purpose doesn't usually cause a problem, but renaming an existing registry key, or change the value of an existing registry value, is what you're after, but I make this point to stress that you should be very careful changing existing parts of the registry.But if the recent swathe of ransomware attacks which have brought the NHS and companies across the globe to a standstill tell us anything, it's that Windows XP has become something of a liability.As many companies have found to their cost, installing security updates can be the difference between a working PC and a desk-sized paperweight.

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