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It was apparently yesterday that it was disclosed on-air that Perkovic was leaving, and several other HSN hosts bid her farewell.“Bill Green gave her a farewell today and they showed some old videos of her,” our poster said.“She’s a big reader, particularly politics, business, and biographies.Diana enjoys home improvements, from tiling floors to reupholstering furniture.” We found Perkovic to be knowledgeable and enjoyed her beauty and fashion presentations. We caught a bit of actress Kate Walsh’s debut on HSN with her “Boyfriend” perfume Thursday morning, and she seemed pretty at ease hawking her new fragrance for women."At the beginning, you want to see each other all the time.But for a healthy, long-term relationship, 68 percent of the time is good," the 72-year-old actress said in a recent interview.

Diana has left HSN after over 13 years with the company.

Walsh, a gorgeous redhead, was wearing a red dress. She told host Diana Perkovic that some of her co-stars on ABC’s “Private Practice” — “You know who they are,” she told HSN shoppers — had sniffed her Boyfriend and loved it.

Walsh’s cast mates on “Private Practice” include hunky Taye Diggs, Tim Daly and Amy Brenneman.

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