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Diana nearly collapsed with fear, when that scary stranger suddenly grabbed her from behind and gagged her.

But she got terrified even more, when he dragged her to a garage with cuffs and chains hanging on the walls and stains of cum clearly seen on the floor.

He told he had a birthday but nobody came to greet him, so he would be very thankful if she\'d drink a glass with him.

Jacob went to the babe\'s room and saw her sweetly sleeping.

The temptation was too strong to be resisted and after a moment of hesitation he pounced on her and got down to drilling her snatch enjoying it to the fullest.

She was perfect, but cruel, extremely sexy, but frigid.

He carefully approached her bed, slowly pulled the blanket aside and stared down at her gorgeous body.

She wore just sexy blue bra fitting her firm tits and thin panties that perfectly outlined her pussy lips.

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