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When I have broached the subject of her using me like I used to use her, she backs off and says that would be dirty.

I have tried inserting things like paint brush handles, but doing it myself is not what I imagine...

If you fall in love with someone, how would you do it? we have specially mail, you can send&receive mail with the one or two .

Maybe you will ask me, if you cann't find you love, then how should we do?

Maybe you’re single and not looking to be tied down anytime soon, or maybe you’re currently dating the woman that you’d like to marry someday or maybe you’re happily married with kids. There are many, many men dealing with the same Bicurious / Bisexual confusion and experiencing the same Bi feelings that you are.

Your biggest concern is the future and how things stand to play out if you’re unable to get things under control and you keep being bi on the down low. Is there anybody out there that has these feelings, other than me?!!!! In fact, we’ve all been in that same situation at some point in our lives.

and the findings of contemporary sexual researchers bear testament to this fact.

At the same token, some men are able to embrace their newfound feelings, while others may feel confused and not know where to turn.

Our sex life has been an issue for quite some time now, he has no drive, or desire and views it as a chore, up until recently we had not had sex for almost five years...

Whether you’re Bisexual, Bicurious or just completely confused about your sexuality, this community is yours, Your Forum for Bisexual men just like yourself.

The beers are on ice, our seats are comfy and the guys are waiting to chat to you. Join our Bicurious and Bisexual Forum for Bi Men Now!

For those of you who have a spouse opposite sex and parter of same sex, vise versa, whatever.

If you HAD to choose one of the other, what would you do? But sometimes I find myself thinking the other way...someone here on EP suggested that...

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    - Journey into the Heart of Transgender Prostitution in the Bronx (2010).

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    Keep in mind that even though you're in your sixties, there is still plenty of fun ready to be had by connecting with others, and you're never too old to make new friends!