Evanna lynch dating robert morgan

It will tell of his personal descent into darkness and his eventual capture.Evanna is playing Fiona Carrick-Smith, who is intrigued by her upper-class family’s new and seemingly all-knowing butler.It is important to remember that without a pass, you will not have access to the convention.If you purchased extras without this precious pass, you are not going to be able to use them and you will lose money unnecessarily.on Saturday (September 23) in downtown Los Angeles.Diane was awarded the Mercy for Animals Compassionate Leadership Award, which is reserved for people who are outspoken and bold: truth-tellers who never shy away from shining a light for animals.She recently revealed that she had split from her actor boyfriend Robbie Jarvis.But Evanna Lynch put her romantic woes aside on Saturday night as she made an elegant appearance at the Animal Equality 10th Anniversary Celebration in LA.

The trio was on hand to show their support for the undercover investigators who went above and beyond the help protect animals.

When she heard the film was in development at Warner Bros., Lynch tweeted studio bosses at Warner Bros. She explains, "When the news broke that was the first that I heard of it and I had a bit of a freak out on Twitter.

I actually tweeted at Warner Bros., 'Please put me in the movie! I don't know what that means." But she isn't holding her breath: "I don't think Luna will be in it, because it's set 70 years before (the Harry Potter films) and, with the time it took us (10 years) to make Harry's span at Hogwarts, 70 years of a time lapse between this guy's life and when Harry's born, I think I'll be too old.

Speaking recently to the Irish Times, the young star candidly confessed that the role was not only vital for career but for her mental health too - having used the Harry Potter books as an escape from her battle with anorexia.

'She wasn’t making a statement or doing it to be defiant.

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