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A bedazzled vision in white, she has written a song just for them: “ Over Champagne and a romantic amusement-park dinner, Arie reveals that he seriously dated a single mother of two children. She didn’t want to have any more kids, and he reminded her of her ex-husband who was also a race-car driver? A sailing group date splits the men into two teams for a boat race, with the winners rewarded with more time with Emily and the losers sent back to the hotel. Arie, speaking in a high voice and wearing a braid, wins major points for being a Good Sport.

Apparently, Arie loves women who love race-car drivers, which sure seems convenient for him. Fortunately, Arie’s team — which, less fortunately for Arie, is also Jef’s team — triumphs. A contestant named Kalon has made the hilariously inadvisable choice of complaining about the existence of Emily’s beloved daughter, human “baggage” that she is.

Emily gives him a rose, they make out on a carousel, and she says he reminds her of Ricki’s dad. Arie escorts her to a wet, dark beach with a blanket that is not quite long enough to wrap around both of them. (This is the helicopter-arrival guy, if that context is helpful.) When single dad Doug tells Emily of Kalon’s misdeeds, she orders him to “get the fuck out.” She doesn’t give out a group date rose, either, because she’s upset no one warned her about Kalon sooner — and particularly upset at Arie, from whom she expected the most loyalty.

(I’m far from Arie’s biggest fan, but I disagree with Emily here: Tattling on other competitors about The show heads to Dubrovnik.

Cassie only told Emily about her fling with Arie once it was clear she’d caught feelings — that way, the producer says, she’d have a chance to get to know him first. We rejoin Emily and Arie on a romantic dinner cruise, by which point she’s sure it was all just a “misunderstanding” and she’s all aboard the Luyendyk Jr. I’m expecting some Netherlands art-weirdo realness on the level of Jesse’s stepfather from proposal, for some reason.) The only awkwardness arises when Arie’s parents address him in Dutch in front of Emily, but he’s quick to translate for her benefit.

With the finish line in sight, Emily’s family arrives in Curaçao to inspect the potential son-in-law goods for themselves. The next morning, she tells Chris Harrison she knows her heart is set on Jef, but she’s devastated by the prospect of hurting Arie.

At first, Arie babbles nervously about the best weather for fishing, but sticks the landing when he presents Emily’s mom with a box containing every rose her daughter has given him. They have one last date scheduled, but she can’t bring herself to play along.

To jog our memories, we revisited season eight of Arie’s intro package finds him zooming around the Phoenix International Raceway.

is no stranger to the franchise: America’s first salt-and-pepper Bachelor almost won then-Bachelorette Emily Maynard’s heart in 2012. And Arie — a race-car driver and real-estate broker who was born in the Netherlands and raised in Scottsdale, Arizona — is about as forgettable as the 47 blonde women named Lauren currently vying for his love on television.

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