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Instead, we will show you only profiles of eligible singles who themselves are passionate about dogs, whether they are simply doggy parents, have made it their lives’ work to rescue homeless dogs or have recently discovered the joy of dog ownership.

Like your own pooch after you’ve been away all day, a fellow dog lover will greet you with a smile and enthusiasm on a first date.

In saying that, certain characteristics of breeds can be traced in individual dogs of that type. Read, ask professionals, consult the 100,000 members of Reddit's /r/dogs (a tight-knit community who also helped us in writing this article), and go with your gut!

What works for one person, might be a no-no for someone else.

It is also essential to consider where to get the dog from.

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We can really make all this happen; something no other dating site can!

It is about picking the right dog that suits the owner's personality, as well as the needs of both the owner and pooch.

The temperament of a breed isn't set in stone and a 100% guarantee; it is best to figure out each dog individually.

The first step involves the dogs which are most preferable for the lifestyle of single people looking to go into serious relationships.

This means that eventually other people and dogs will be in the picture as well.

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