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of year again: The weather’s cooling down, the leaves are changing color, and Apple’s latest i Phones are on the way. The new software packs some nifty new features like a smarter, more humanlike Siri and a customizable Control Center. Before giving your i Phone or i Pad a nice little makeover, be sure your data’s all backed up.

For those of you still having trouble locating images, check out how you can search images by date or location in i OS 8.

To see what else you can do in Apple's latest mobile operating system, check out the Coolest Hidden Features of i OS 8, as well as the Best Hidden Safari Features, Top Hidden Features in Messages, and our other i OS 8 tips.

If you have other albums in your Albums tab, like Instagram, you will still see all of your older photos in there, as usual.

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You'll need about 2GB of free space to download the new OS.

But don't worry, that's just because albums work differently in i OS 8—all of your old photos are still there, just not as in your face as before.

Back in i OS 7, all of your photos were stored in the "Camera Roll" album, easily found in the "Albums" tab.

Make some room by deleting photos and apps you no longer need.

Google Photos has a cool feature that automatically uploads your photos to its servers, and you can tell it to clear all the photos on your camera roll once they’re backed up.

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