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As if "dating" nowadays wasn't confusing enough—the translation of texts, the trivial sex, the Tinder—along comes Valentine's Day. But you're still in that awkward limbo land with maybe the strategic toothbrush at her place. But you're not, like, But for now, that doesn't mean you have to give her nothing.That damned tripwire that sneaks up and exposes how much someone means to you, before you really even know. You've been spending some time together—a few months, even. It doesn't mean you have to just meet at the bar later, like you do every weekend. You know, like what you and whomever-she-is are doing.Chocolates are a common gift for women on Valentine's Day, but a Valentine's gift for your man should reflect his masculinity.Try a steak dinner or a selection of gourmet beef jerky, rare BBQ or hot sauce, and serve them with his favorite beverage.

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Here are some bold moves you can use to show that special someone she should be your Valentine: Draw your initials with hers in the sand on a romantic walk.

Most girls will think this is a sign of wanting a real relationship.

It’s easy to just do the standard box-of-chocolate and card for Valentine’s Day, or maybe a new pair of matching lingerie, but we think Valentine’s Day deserves a little more respect. Invitations for a Galentine’s Day party need to be this cute. For a girls only Valentine’s Day celebration, these DIY fry holders will be much appreciate. DIY a fake tattoo with your valentine’s name on it (or one that says “love sucks” if that’s where your head is.) 21.

Jewelry is something that men wear too, though they may call it something like cuff links, tie tacks, or even a wristwatch.

Whatever it is, giving it to him on Valentine's Day can make him feel special all year long.

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