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These punishments are carried out after a hearing before the commander, but without a judge or jury.

Punishments are limited to reduction in rank, loss of pay, restrictions of privileges, extra-duty, reprimands, and, aboard ships, confinement.

Each State sets the requirements to join, remain, be promoted or rewarded, and conditions of employment such as a minimum amount of duty performed in a year, and whether any duty is paid or nonpaid, and whether the individuals are covered by various civil service or retirement pension plans.

Most State Guard duty is performed without pay, in a volunteer status.

§§ 801–946) is the foundation of military law in the United States.

Otherwise, members of the National Guard are usually exempt from the UCMJ.

The UCMJ was passed by Congress on , and signed into law by President Harry S. The UCMJ, the Rules for Courts-Martial (the military analogue to the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure), and the Military Rules of Evidence (the analogue to the Federal Rules of Evidence) have evolved since their implementation, often paralleling the development of the federal civilian criminal justice system. After review by any of these intermediate courts, the next level of appeal is the United States Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces (CAAF). § 1259 to review cases under the UCMJ on direct appeal where the CAAF has conducted a mandatory review (death penalty and certified cases), granted discretionary review of a petition, or otherwise granted relief.

In some ways, the UCMJ has been ahead of changes in the civilian criminal justice system. The Supreme Court of the United States has discretion under 28 U. Since 2007, several bills have been introduced into Congress to expand the accessibility of service members to the Supreme Court.

Cadets and midshipmen at the United States Military Academy, United States Naval Academy, United States Air Force Academy, United States Merchant Marine Academy, and United States Coast Guard Academy are subject to the UCMJ at all times because they are in an active duty status while at a Military Service Academy.

Members of military auxiliaries such as the Civil Air Patrol and the Coast Guard Auxiliary are not subject to the UCMJ, even when participating in missions assigned by the military or other branches of government.

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