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To try and change Elizabeth's mind, Cyrus tells David Rosen to tell her that she can't do that under the United States law and that doesn't work at all.To make Elizabeth happy, Fitz gave her the job of Susan Ross' Chief of Staff.(Nobody Likes Babies) David tried to rekindle the relationship and held Abby's hands while they were at the state dinner Mellie Grant held for President Rashad.However Abby hesitated and said that they are very good friends and don't want to ruin what they have.They continued to have a sexual relationship but things got dicey when Abby discovered what David was really up to, when she saw his infamous wall.

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But by January, the couple were no longer together, and Williams moved out of his home to live with his girlfriend, prosecutors said.The character of David Rosen is a supporting character in the first season of the series and became a series regular starting from season two. He lost because his frenemy called in a favor to "fix" the case by having it acquitted.David is a stickler for justice and does not approve of Olivia Pope's methods but they are still friends. After digging too deep into how he lost the case and into Olivia Pope, Verna Thornton used her juice as a Supreme Court Justice and asked the U. Attorney, Pat Wexler, to fire David, by calling it "taking some time off." However, that didn't stop him from his own personal crusade against Olivia, he had help from his assistant Alissa and surprise surprise one of Olivia's own gladiators, Abby Whelan.He kept quiet for as long as he could from Abby but he finally cracked and told her the truth, now that they're in a truthful relationship. David met Olivia outside the Justice building where they sat and talked. But she convinced that sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war and promised him that they'd do it together... Jake Ballard comes back to Washington, after leaving the Island with Olivia.He asks David for the files on Harrison's death but David refuses.

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