Dating non muslim man

She's a legal adult in the country and marriage is a private matter, the government condemns forcing your beliefs onto anyone else.I could cut her off financially and threaten to kick her out of the house but that wouldn't work either because she has her own job and could easily get her own place to live, or worse, go live with that boy.

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She rushed up stairs and didn't come back out the rest of the day.Son went to a boys-only Islamic school, daughter went to a girls-only Islamic school.My daughter wore hijab since 12 years old, not because we made her (but we were about to have the talk anyways), but because she came home one day and said she wanted to wear it because she felt it would make her a better muslminah, I was so proud of her!I promised myself that I would give the boy an ultimatum; either convert to Islam or leave my daughter alone, and if he refused either, I would tell my husband.I went alone with her about a week after I caught them in the house watching the movie.

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