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At Paisley Caves in south-central Oregon, archaeologists found 14,300-year-old human DNA in excrement.

At Ayer Pond on Orcas Island, they found remains of a bison apparently butchered by humans 13,700 years ago.

Other scientists scoffed when Carl Gustafson claimed that Stone Age people were hunting mastodons 14,000 years ago in the Northwest -- a millennium before the appearance of the Clovis-style stone tools widely regarded as the signature of the first Americans.

Gustafson found mastodon remains including a rib with a foreign piece of bone embedded in it near Sequim, Wash., in 1977.

Researchers figure it had to penetrate more than ten inches of muscle and tissue before piercing the rib.

Los Angeles-based eharmony ( launched in the United States in 2000 with its patented Compatibility Matching System® which allows eharmony members to be matched with compatible persons with whom they are likely to enjoy a long-term relationship.Mastodons weighed 4 or 5 tons and stood about 8 to 10 feet tall at the shoulder. Gustafson's team identified fossil pollen grains from cattails, sedges, and shrubs such as buffalo berry.The elephant-like mastodon was an elderly male with worn-down teeth.But Mackie says the Manis mastodon and the Ayer Pond bison kill prove that it's possible to find pre-Clovis sites "right in the middle of the hypothesized Pacific route of entry." He expects the confirmation of the Manis site to intensify efforts to find other sites in the Northwest.105.3 FM Seattle\Tacoma - Contemporary KACS 90.5 FM Aberdeen - Inspirational KWFJ 98.7 FM Aberdeen - KARI 550 AM Blaine - KTRQ 95.9 FM Central Washington - KRLF 88.5 FM Colfax - Pullman - KTBI 810 AM Eastern Washington - KCSH 88.9 FM Ellensburg - KTJC 102.5 FM Kalama - KBLD 91.7 FM Kennewick - Contemporary KSBC 88.1 FM Little Rock - KJVH 89.5 FM Longview - KWYQ 90.3 FM Longview - KTJC 91.1 FM Longview - KTMV 107.3 FM Maple Valley - KTAC 93.3 FM Moses Lake - KFFR 97.7 FM Pullman - Contemporary KGNW 820 AM Seattle\Tacoma - Christian Talk KLFE 1590 AM Seattle\Tacoma - 630 AM Seattle/Tacoma - Talk\Inspirational KWPZ 106.5 FM Seattle\Tacoma - Praise, Worship KZIZ 1560 AM Seattle - Gospel, Inspirational KBLE 1050 AM Seattle - Catholic radio KMBI 107.9 FM Spokane - Inspirational KMLW 88.3 FM Spokane - KSPO 106.5 FM Spokane - KTSL 101.9 FM Spokane - Contemporary KTRW 970 AM Spokane - KGDN 101.3 FM Tri Cities, Walla - KGSG 93.7 FM Tri Cities - KGTS 91.3 FM Tri Cities - Contemporary KOLU 90.1 FM Tri Cities - KVSN 1500 AM Tumwater - KTJC 94.1 FM Vancouver - KTWY 93.3 FM Vancouver - KPLW 89.9 FM Wenatchee - Contemporary KYAK 930 AM Yakima - KYPL 91.1 FM Yakima - Positive Life - Cheney Fishers of Men Bible Bookstore 401 1st Street Cheney, WA 99004 509-235-8044 - College Place ABC Christian Family Book Store 505 South College Avenue College Place, WA 99324 509-529-0723 - not verified - Covington Christian Supply 17039 SE 272nd, Ste.

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