Dating english gold jewelry

In 1912, a special mark for platinum was introduced, a dogs head.

Before 1910, French platinum jewelry may have a maker's mark, but it was not hallmarked. Other symbols may be used in combination with these numbers.

Symbols in the form of animals and heads of animals and people, insects, and birds have been used to indicate fineness, place of manufacture, imports and exports. The most easily recognized and commonly seen French mark is the eagles head, in use since 1838, indicating 18 karat gold. The mark can be found on jewelry in any number of places.

Look for it on clasps, side edges, galleries, and pin stems as well as on the back surface of a piece.

Swedish hallmarks after 1912 include a triple crown mark, in a trefoil for local manufacture, and in an oval for imports, along with an S in a hexagon for silver indicating 830 or higher. There will also be a date letter and number, a city mark and a makers mark.

The most accurate definition of a hallmark is the mark or marks stamped, impressed, or struck on gold, silver, or platinum which indicate fineness or karat (also called quality or purity marks). The most commonly found marks will be discussed here.But those of us who search for clues to a piece's age and origin are always delighted to find a hallmark on a jewel, because it eliminates a great deal of guesswork.Learning how to identify hallmarks is an essential part of becoming an expert in the field.(All in a box with explanation of the significance of the various marks).The British system of hallmarking is somewhat complex, but relatively easy to follow once the system is deciphered.

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