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This is the opposite approach to the more modern approach of using a tube pre-amp with a heavy-duty solid-state power amp, a setup more suited for that singing, high-gain distortion.The 6CA7 tube is pin-compatible with the EL34, the tube that was made famous by Marshall amps, while Fender amps mostly used 6L6 tubes (or 6V6 for smaller amps). As today hardly any tube manufacturer still produces the 6CA7, most Music Man amps meanwhile run on EL34s.All early Music Man amp models were 2-channel amps.The reverb and the tremolo effect affects the second channel only.Originally there was one pre-amp tube – a 12AX7 – used for the phase inverter stage of the amp. This way a certain amount of tube distortion was added.In about 1977 this tube was replaced with a solid-state version.However, the circuit was rather different from Marshall.

The tremolo effect is very effective, but also sounds different than on Fender amps.

The first Music Man amp – a head called Sixty-five – had already most features of all later models.

In very short, these are: The Music Man amp range in 1977, from left to right, front: 112 Sixty-five ; 410 Sixty-five, second row: 212 HD 130 ; 112 Sixty-five, third row: 410 HD 130 ; 212 Sixty-five, back: Sixty-five ; HD 130 ; Sixty-five ; HD 130Fender amps were basically built for a clean sound.

So it is not a big surprise that they used a solid-state design (ICs and transistors) for the pre-amp section.

Solid -state requires lower voltage and less energy and thus causes less heat.

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