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If you want to have the best chances then go to the gym and do what it takes to be thin and not muscular.I can’t really complain much because Korean women sure look thin for us, so why not do the same?Understand that being a foreigner puts you at a disadvantage. Not only that but it will take South Korea a generation or so to stop evaluating people based on superficiality.She will have to explain to her friends (and family) that she’s dating a foreigner and that’s never pleasant. Even though we all do it (Western and Korean women are no different) in the West we tend to seek more than status. Until then I recommend applying these Korean dating tips for guys.5 Dating tips for guys who want to successfully date a hot Korean woman.When I first came to Korea I wished that I had had some solid Korean women dating tips for guys like me.This is because Koreans socially slot you based on your job and title. Since that’s not most of us, we’ll have to improvise. In the West you can get by with not looking too fashionable.

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Because she's not supposed to talk to you AND she might have to speak English…this makes her even more uncomfortable.Your Asian friends have told you how "easy" dating those girls is. The typical woman must • marry a local man (of higher status hopefully) before 30 • make children with this guy • take care of the children as that's her only real purpose Now this is an oversimplified version of her expectations but they're it.From their society's perspective - if she deviates from this then indirectly she becomes an "outcast".In the West, couples usually just slowly move towards becoming boyfriend-girlfriend.In Korea she won’t have a clue as to what the relationship is unless you tell her.

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