Babyface edmonds dating

He also sang the praises of Tracey’s current boyfriend, Deion Sanders. On his “picture perfect” marriage to Tracey:“I can’t imagine really being married to Tracey right now.” “We wanted it to look like that.We felt responsible…the reality is that there was a connection that wasn’t really there.“I don’t feel like we were supposed to be together forever.

During their chat, the music industry vet opened up about divorcing from his ex-wife, Tracey Edmonds, after thirteen years of marriage and what he thought about her relationship with Eddie Murphy.

We loved each other but we weren’t really in love with each other.

I don’t feel like we were supposed to be together forever…I’m okay with it because I think she’s okay.”“Deion’s a good guy.

Although she believed the video was simply the result of a night of fun and ?

READ MORE By now, many of Jill Scott’s fans have heard about the seemingly bizarre video she posted on Instagram over the weekend.

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