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But no, it isn’t difficult to understand body language either! After all, why go through more trouble if you know she already wants you?

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There is nothing wrong with taking the direct approach: you see a hot chick at a bar and you walk right up to her and give her your best shot, then say something without having a clue if she’s interested in you, or not.

I’m insanely addicted to those cans with chips in them, damn…Women assume good or bad things about you based on every detail they can find. Do that and you will know that, this woman over there for example? Do you want to know more signs that a woman is interested in you OR learn how to get women more interested in you?Then you’re in luck, because I have a whole lot more free tips waiting for you!Other dating sites don’t give you the option, but with us you can not only see who has added you as a friend, but who wants to meet with you and even those who were curious enough to view your profile!Now you have a full roster of people that you KNOW are interested in hooking up with you.

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