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The following sections and procedures are provided in this guide: an error occurred in the upgrade process.Briefly, the upgrade process consists of four phases: Downlevel, Safe OS, First boot, and Second boot. These phases are explained in greater detail below.First, let's summarize the actions performed during each phase because this affects the type of errors that can be encountered.If the general troubleshooting techniques described above or the quick fixes detailed below do not resolve your issue, you can attempt to analyze log files and interpret upgrade error codes.

Several log files are created during each phase of the upgrade process.The date and time at the start of each line (ex: 2016-10-05 ) is shortened to minutes and seconds, and the certificate file name which is a long text string is shortened to just "CN." , Error SP Error READ, 0x00000570 while gathering/applying object: File, C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\S-1-5-18 [CN]. Last error: 0x00000000 , Error SP SPDo Framework Gather: Gather operation failed.Will return 0[gle=0x00000570] , Error MIG Error 1392 while gathering object C:\Program Data\Microsoft\Crypto\RSA\S-1-5-18 [CN]. Error: 0x0000002C , Error SP CMigrate Framework: Gather framework failed.In this case, the action pending is often the cleanup operation from a previous installation attempt, which can be resolved with a system reboot.Important: Extend codes reflect the current Windows 10 upgrade process, and might change in future releases of Windows 10.

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