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I've even had married guys ask if they can play with least touch it for a few seconds. The guy claimed "he creamed" when he saw my huge uncut cock.

I love seeing so called str8 guys stare at it at the gym (some even get hard while staring.) I don't play around (I'm in a long term relationship), but, I love teasing str8, bi curious men. I took a guy home once and started taking off my clothes first.

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I'm the OP and not a big hung dude - have a perfectly average (if thick) cock.

Most porn stars with big cocks are actually between 7 and 8, the hugest of them between 8 and 9.

People like mandingo and matt hughes approach 9 and a half. I'm a perfect find for hung guys who have a girlfriend, or wife, but don't get pleasured properly.

I figure he has heard it all before and is tired of the cute or stupid comments.

I don't want to come across as a size queen (I'm not) and if he tries too hard to get me to mention it I find that to be a turn off. All the guys claiming 10 inch cocks are almost certainly lying or mismeasuring.

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